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Canadian Apartment Rentals

With housing prices through the roof, it often makes sense to look into renting. When renting there are still many options for the type of home you would like to live in. There are houses, apartments/condos and townhouses. We’ve listed some of the top rentals across Canada to give you an idea of the different places one can live. We offer an organized, easy to use website that you can easily guide yourself through. As the site grows, we will add more rentals and more cities. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

There are many aspects to look at when looking for a place to rent, similar to when buying a home. Price, of course, is often one of the main factors people look at. However, there are many other important factors you must look at. How close is it to your school or work? You may be paying less to be in a certain area but you have to account for your travel time and transportation. If it’s taking you an extra hour per day to get to your desired location, it may be worth the extra rent to find something closer. Have a family? One of your main deciding factors may be close to schools or other families where your kids can find friends to play with. What about close to entertainment? All of these are things you must think about when finding a new place to live.

We tried to break down the rentals as simple as possible to help you find your ideal location.

Rentals In These Cities