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Condos, apartments, townhouse or house? What do you prefer?


Canada Apartment and Suite Rental Guide

Find the perfect home in your ideal city.

11 Years Of Successful Rental Guidance is the residential guide to help you find the rental you need, anywhere in Canada. Whether you want an apartment or condo, we’ll help you find it. With our comprehensive and detailed listings we’ll help educate you about the different types of rentals across the country. We cover rentals in Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Brampton, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Halifax. Pick one of the areas below or simply browse the website.

Our goal is to eventually cover every city and rental unit possible. We plan to grow this site with the help of our visitors and by rewarding their contributions.

Find the perfect home in your ideal city. only covers rentals that are considered the best in their area. These apartments and condos follow a high standard and give the best to their tenants. We will provide the most detailed and up-to-date information on all the rentals we cover. We constantly add and/or remove rentals in our database as needed.

About is designed to options to those who are looking to rent a home, condo or apartment. The website lists rentals across Canada, and we plan on adding as many rentals as we can. The process of selecting an apartment can be stressful and time-consuming. That isn’t the case when you use as your resource. You will find current listings, plenty of information, and a simple way for you to contact the agents of the apartment you want. We listen to our customers and add what they report as essential features. Tenants and landlords are never charged for the listings on our site nor are those looking to rent. Our goal is to help people find an apartment that is in the right location, within their price range, and offers the space they need. Matching the available apartments with those looking for them is something we deliver.

You will love the platform we offer at, it is very user-friendly! Everything is easy to navigate. You will have all the details you need, no guessing or jumping around to get details on available apartments. We offer current listings so you don’t have to worry what you are seeing is already rented out to someone else. The listings include apartments, condos, and townhouses. We don’t stop there though! Eventually the plan is to even have houses for sale listed. is dedicated to offering outstanding information with rentals, home purchases, and more! Our reputation is the result of our honest efforts, willingness to assist others, and keeping up with the changing needs of consumers like yourself. Check out our listings today and see what may fit your situation. Let us know if there is anything we can assist you with.


Apartment Renting was perfect for helping me find the right home for me. I was moving to a new city didn’t know where to start. They cover various cities and complexes which definitely gave me a head start when looking for a place to rent. Best of all it is free.

Darius L


I had to move across the city in Winnipeg and needed a new place to live. I checked the real estate websites but couldn’t find what I needed. This site helped me find a new spot to live.

Maria M


Coming here gave me all the details of the apartment block I was looking at. I ended up moving in shortly after and I love the place. The neighbourhood is great and there are a lot of families nearby.

Tish R



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